KAWASAKI Innovation Standard Council

KAWASAKI Innovation Standard Council

KAWASAKI Innovation Standard Council

The purpose of Establishment of KAWASAKI Innovation Standard

It became difficult that the senior citizens and the citizens with disabilities physically and mentally found high quality life by conventional family relations and the support by the area through the arrival of the society with less number of children and more aging people. In addition, people are aware of importance to realize the possibility that the senior citizens and the citizens with disabilities can continue "living in the town which has lived so long" and the society gradually think of that more and more.

Kawasaki city, in such a social change, carried out the investigation and the analysis on present conditions and the problem of Healthcare business, on welfare prodcuts etc. and devised in 2007 Healthcare Business Promotion Vision about the promotion of Healthcare Business which was always the one of the important key measures in Kawasaki city.

The Council conclude it is necessary to have the welfare products from the field of industry and an offer of the welfare service, consideration to the citizen-based town planning when anyone values each other's dignity in this vision in the town which has lived so long and citizens become as possible independent, and live with happiness and to be able to live in peace.

The making of society where a family and local community cooperation and support are provided is important. Each citizen has an independent wish, and has to be able to decide by himself even if he becomes old or even if he is suffered from some kind of illness and disabilities in mind and body for a short term or long term, and even he cannot do all the activities by himself. The " He is independent " doesn't mean that he can do everything by himself. It means " he wishes by himself" "He decides by himself " and he can realize what he wish including with the support from families and the local society.

In addition, "the welfare" for the senior citizens and for the people with disabilities was often taken as social burden and consumption in the society. That is, it was regarded with negative image. However, it becomes our common idea as value and meaning in the 21st century that citizens live the life with safety net and relief and people with disability can live the life independently as much as possible and live high quality life. It is necessary to know precisely what kind of problems and the situation people has and to supple, restore and improve it so that people's life are supported. It is the proof of the solidarity of "the community", and it may be said that creation of new community begins with it.

In addition, welfare products and the welfare service bring the various demand and employment for local economy. In addition, if people with disabilities and problems can be in the society to live and participate, the society will develop more and more.

Kawasaki city will promote the development and the promotion of welfare products / healthcare industries by evaluation, the certification and the support to promote the welfare equipment based on Kawasaki Innovative Standard, Life support system and Study, development, improvement and the spread of citizen-based town planning at Kawasaki Welfare Development Center. The themes are "the making of community where it continues being lived in "independence and society participation" and " the town which he has lived so long".

Kawasaki city established “Kawasaki Innovative Standard Promotion Council” as organization to promote “Kawasaki Welfare Development Support Center”.

Kawasaki Innovative Standard Promotion Council Chairman Hiroyasu Itoh

Members of the Council

NPO Japan Abilities Association
Spinal Injuries Japan
Kawasaki Social Welfare Corporation
Kawasaki City Disabled People’s Association
Kawasaki City Welfare Service Council
The Japan Rheumatism Friendship Association
Swedish Quality Care
Association for Technical Aids
Japan Amyotorophic Lateral Sclerosis Association
Kawasaki Industrial Organization Union Meeting
The Kawasaki Chamber of Commerce & Industry
Institute of Industrial Promotion Kawasaki
Kawasaki City

The activities of KAWASAKI Innovation Standard Council in 2011

Administration duties The update of “KAWASAKI Innovation Standard” A review of the monitor evaluation Management of KAWASAKI Innovation Standard WEB site

The certification of Welfare equipment Evaluation by monitors, Examination and certification of welfare products based on KAWASAKI Innovation Standard.

Council activities Welfare personnel carrier building and training Welfare-related seminar Support for the promotion of welfare products Consultation business by experts

A welfare equipment exhibition business By exhibiting and introduce welfare equipment which deserve to the people’s dignity and independence at Kawasaki Welfare Development Support Center, information on welfare equipment will be brought in and will be introduced to the public and promote the spread of the equipment.